Jude Wenkart

Teacher of the Alexander technique 

What is the Alexander technique?

The Alexander technique decreases pain in people’s back, neck, shoulders and legs. More importantly, it teaches them how to move in a way that will prevent future pain. It does it by changing people’s movement habits and by making them more aware of their body and mind.

Practising the technique greatly improves posture, {the body’s} coordination and balance.


The Alexander technique re-educates the body to move with less effort and reduce and release tension, which is a major cause of pain and discomfort.

The technique is beneficial for all daily activities: sitting (in front of a PC screen or the TV), standing, walking, running, lying down, bending, lifting, exercising, etc.


Who can benefit from studying the technique?

Everyone who wishes to feel better and improve their quality of life can benefit from studying the Alexander technique. It is especially beneficial for people who suffer from back and neck pain.


In particular, employees in the world of high-tech, people who work with computers for long hours, people who exercise a lot, musicians, various types of therapists, people who sit for many hours, people in stress-all these and many others will be assisted by the Alexander technique.


It has been proven to reduce their pain, to increase their energy level (pain ‘consumes’ a lot of energy) and to improve their posture.


About me

I have taught the technique for twenty years. Throughout this period I have met hundreds of people who suffered from various kinds of pain. Most of them also complained about lack of energy, tiredness and posture problems. In all cases it quickly became evident that learning the Alexander technique improved their well-being and helped them to cope better with problems from which they had suffered for years.


I have worked in the alternative health clinic of “Maccabi tivee”. I was the deputy manager of an advanced course for Alexander teachers. Currently I work in my own clinic in Ness Ziona and Mevaseret Zion.

An Alexander lesson is individual and takes about 45 minutes